Cliviger good neighbours helping each other through coronavirus crisis

Neighbours on a street in Cliviger have summoned up some great community spirit during lockdown by holding "back street bingo" parties and other events.

The residents of Park Road have been supporting each other over recent weeks in a bid to keep their spirits high, and are now planning a socially-distanced party to mark tomorrow's VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations.

The idea came from thoughtful Park Road resident Rebecca Wilkinson (36), a teacher at Blessed Trinity RC School.

She said: "When lockdown was announced, I set-up a community page for our road on social media - the aim being to support each other during the crisis.

Residents in Park Road


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"As there is so much uncertainty as to when this will all be over and done with, and we can get back to life as we know it, I just wanted to arrange some activities to keep our spirits high - especially with us having a few elderly neighbours. It’s been great seeing them be able to come outside and get involved.

"Last week we played ‘Back Street Bingo', with Ray Evans doing a cracking job as bingo caller! We had lots of prizes on offer that all the neighbours donated.

"This week preparations are well under way (bunting is literally being made as I type) for a street party complete with 1940s tunes, karaoke and a quiz to celebrate VE Day. All proceeds of which are going towards the local Food Bank fund-raiser set up by Blessed Trinity RC College.

"We’re just trying to take an unprecedented situation, and make it into something as positive as possible."