Clitheroe church celebrates its first socially-distanced post-lockdown baptism

On September 6th, babyTiggy Ann Brown made history as the first person to be christened at Clitheroe Parish Church since the Government closed the churches in March 2020.

Tiggy's family had planned the christening for some time and had decided that they were happy to go ahead despite the restrictions still in place.

Big brother Fynn had been baptised in the same church in June 2017.

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Summing up the post-lockdown experience, the Rev. Andy Froud said: "We had a great time despite the new rules. Tiggy's parents, Jessica and Jamie have made a commitment of hope for all us and I thank them and all those who are bringing their children back to church following lockdown."

The Rev Andy Froud, baby Tiggy with dad Jamie and big brother Fynn. Picture: Nicola Campbell Photography

Tiggy was born on April 2nd and for her christening she wore a 120-year-old family gown.

Speaking about the special ceremony, proud mum and dad, Jessica and Jamie, said: "It was such a beautiful, strange and funny service, Andy really is the best vicar for bringing jollity to a very weird time!

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"The christening gown is 120 years old and has been worn by Tiggy’s great-great-great-granddad - we just change the colour of the ribbon in it for each baby! We felt it was important to keep up our family traditions - masked and socially distanced too!

"We had our friend, Nicola Campbell Photography along for the service to capture memories to show the grandchildren and we also used Sugar and Layer Cake company in Clitheroe to provide a christening cake as a way to support small local businesses too."

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First post-lockdown christening celebrated at Clitheroe Parish Church with Jessica, Jamie, Fynn and Tiggy. Picture: Nicola Campbell Photography
Baby Tiggy Ann Brown. Picture: Nicola Campbell Photography