Charlotte Dawson shares emotional birthday moment as son says ‘grandad’ by statue of dad Les Dawson in St Annes

Blackpool’s Charlotte Dawson has told of her heart breaking into a million pieces and ‘just wanting her dad back’ as she celebrates her milestone 30th birthday.

The reality star and influencer daughter of Les Dawson took to social media with an adorable photograph snapped at her dad’s statue in St Annes, where she was able to give him a big cuddle and hear son, Noah, say the word grandad.

In moments which must be tinged with sadness, Charlotte looked happy as she lifted her little boy Noah to see the statue close up with her mum Tracey Dawson by her side.

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Her Instagram post read: “The occasion has triggered all kinds of emotions. Seeing my dad for my birthday last week and giving him a big cuddle was the best and even better when he (Noah) said grandad. As I’m 30 on Monday, I feel all sorts of emotions but not having my dad / Noah’s grandad here just breaks my heart into a million pieces.

Tracey Dawson and Charlotte Dawson at the Les Dawson statue in St Annes

"On such big milestones in your life hits hard but to have my little man here, who is just him, comforts me in so many ways." Her dad died in 1993 when she was just a few months old and told how it helps to talk about him.

Charlotte and fiancé Matt Sarsfield also unveiled their stunning new house in a move back to her home town after being away for five years.

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She gushed over how she wished she was revealing pregnancy news but was equally delighted to share their new house move which was ‘just so special’.

Charlotte added: “Very proud of us & wowza what a perfect 30th birthday pressie..”

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Charlotte Dawson with son Noah and mum Tracey at the statue of Les Dawson in St Annes

Fans and friends were quick to offer their congratulations.

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carterscrazeclothingco posted: “Congratulations and welcome back home closer to your papa on St Anne’s front too”

And miss_safiyya_ wrote: “Congratulations I no how much this means to you, all the best”

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In another message adventures_with_the_stevensons posted: “Yes never stop talking about your dad, keep his memory alive ”

karenherd72 added: “Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Charlotte your dad was a great man, keep talking about him, he will always be with you xx”

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See the full Instagram post here