Cannabis-smoking Burnley mum launched "unprovoked" drunken attack on innocent woman then bragged on Facebook

A mum said to smoke cannabis all day was collared for a nasty attack on an innocent woman after “bragging” about it on Facebook, a court heard.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 12:55 pm
Burnley Magistrates Court

Shanie Hyde had launched an “unprovoked” and “sustained” assault on the retail worker at The Turf Hotel in Burnley after a night boozing. Hyde, who has a record for violence, punched the victim, yanked her ponytail, and flung her onto the floor into a pile of broken glass.

The “extremely drunk” defendant then booted her in the face and carried on doing it even though the victim was begging her to stop. The town’s magistrates were told how jobless Hyde was arrested after her social media posts - which included smiley face emojis.

The 28-year-old defendant, who has a young child, was said to smoke cannabis throughout the day as it helps to keep her calm. A probation officer who interviewed her continued: "She says using cannabis helps her feel normal and keeps her bad moods under control."

Hyde, whom the probation service say poses a medium risk of serious harm to the public, was spared jail for the assault, which the Bench described as “terrible.” The magistrates told her: "You are lucky you are not going into custody.” She has been now been banned from mentioning the victim or the case on social media.

Mr Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said at about 11.30pm the victim had thought Hyde was staring at her and her friend, which made her feel uncomfortable. They went into the beer garden, saw someone they knew, and made references to being uncomfortable.

Mr Robinson said the defendant went up behind the victim, said: "Some girl, yeah that’s me. What are you going to do about it?” She was swearing and immediately punched the victim behind her left ear.

The prosecutor said the victim was in pain and disoriented and dropped her mobile phone and glass on the floor, causing it to smash. He went on: "She says 'I felt my head being yanked by my ponytail and I was thrown onto the floor into the pile of smashed glass. Whilst I was on the floor, I was punched and kicked to the face. I begged her to stop, but she carried on.'"

The victim was left with cuts from the shards of broken glass, a lump behind her ear and grazes to her face. After the incident, she felt scared, kept panicking and had suffered many sleepless nights. The defendant was questioned and made no comment.

The probation officer said Hyde told her she was angered when she heard the victim talking to a friend about her.

The defendant didn’t come across as particularly genuinely remorseful. The officer continued: "She tells me she did regret it, but this seems to be quite superficial.” The officer, who said Hyde received universal credit and child benefits, went on: "She spends £10 a day on cannabis. She has been using cannabis to this level for about 15 years.”

Mr Mark Williams, defending Hyde, told the court: "She does not seek to blame anybody else for her appearance before the court today. She was in drink. She does say it would not have happened had she not been in drink.

"The social media comments led to the police going round and arresting her," he continued. "She didn’t know anything about the aggrieved and I don’t think she would have recognised her again.”

The defendant, of Waddington Avenue in Burnley, admitted assault by beating on August 25th. Hyde received 18 weeks in prison, suspended for a year, and a 12-month community order with a 25-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Hyde must also obey a curfew for four weeks between 7pm and 7am and was given an 18-month restraining order prohibiting her from contacting the victim and from going into the Burnley shop where she works. She was ordered to pay the victim £500 compensation.