Calls for speed limit on Langho road to be cut after crash

Concerned residents have long been predicting a serious accident on Whalley Old Road and on Saturday afternoon their worst fears were realised.
The car down the embankmentThe car down the embankment
The car down the embankment

A car came off the carriageway down from York Village travelling to Whalley. The driver was lucky to escape serious injury. The car was set alight the next day prompting a joint investigation between Lancashire Fire and Rescue and Police.

Local councillors Ged Mirfin and Mark Hindle, along with a very large number of local residents have huge concerns about the 60mph speed limit along the road and are calling for it to be reduced.

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Coun Mirfin said: "60 miles per hour is simply too fast. The driver on this occasion can count himself very lucky and this was on a good day. Imagine the conditions had been less favourable and the driver came off at a stretch not bounded by trees or where the tree cover was far more dense the consequences could have been far more serious. We could easily have been looking at a fatality!.There is a very urgent need to lower the speed limit on this unlisted road between York Village and Painter Wood from 60 miles per hour to no more than 40 miles per hour if that!"

Crews extinguish fire after car set alightCrews extinguish fire after car set alight
Crews extinguish fire after car set alight

Coun. Hindle added: "The surface of the road, signage warning drivers of hazards, as well as crash barriers and fencing along what has become a rat-run between Whalley and Blackburn/Rishton all need dramatically improving. Coun. Mirfin and I will both be pressing the Highways Department at county to do something about this dangerous stretch of road. The evidence of what could happen if they fail to take action is there for all to see."