Burnley students become 'royal subjects' for the day to celebrate Queen's platinum jubilee

Students at a Burnley high school have become some of the first 'royal subjects' in the country to begin celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee.

Every class at Ridgewood Community High created a piece of artwork from a template to go in the gallery and be displayed throughout the school during the year.

The school even took delivery of a throne, courtesy of teacher Mr Ross Clegg whose relatives run an antique shop. Mr Clegg came up with the idea for the jubilee day, with assistance from music teacher Mr Chris Bridges and art teacher Miss Charlie Turner.

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Students and staff were invited to have their photo taken on the throne wearing a crown and gown and these images are now being put together digitally to create a collage portrait of the Queen.

Students at Ridgewood Community High School with some of their artwork and their very own royal throne

The patriotic celebrations were completed with a school sing-a-long of Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and God Save the Queen, before everyone tucked into scones with cream and jam.