Burnley schoolgirl donates 10th birthday cash to church in amazing act of kindness

Most little girls celebrating a special birthday would have a 'wish list' of toys and treats to spend their money on.

But not Burnley's Bella Cameron-Walton.

This very kind and caring little girl donated the £80 cash she received to mark her 10th birthday to St John's Church in Cliviger where she is a regular worshipper with her family.

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When Bella, who enjoyed a socially distanced garden with close family and friends, heard how the lockdown had affected church finances, she decided she wanted to do something to help as it is such a big part of the community and her school, St John the Divine Primary.

Bella Cameron-Walton donated her 10th birthday money to her church.

Proud mum Helen Cameron said:"Bella said to me that the church looks after and cares about us so we should look after it too."

Helen added that Bella and her little sister Eva, who is eight, love the church and are always doing something to help.

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Helen said: "During lockdown they painted stones for their teachers and the vicar and placed them along the pathway to church.

"They also made crosses for the gate and always want to take fresh flowers to the graveyard to lay on the gravestones that don't have any."

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Caring sisters Bella and Eva Cameron-Walton love nothing more than helping others less fortunate than themselves

The caring sisters are already making plans for fundraising activities, including a bring and buy sale, after lockdown restrictions are lifted, making their families extremely proud.

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Helen said: "They are two little girls with good Christian values and morals who would do anything to help others less fortunate than themselves."