Burnley residents install their own warning signs in bid to crackdown on speeding motorists in their neighbourhood

Residents are so concerned about speeding traffic in their close-knit Burnley neighbourhood they have installed their own signs appealing for drivers to slow down.

Fifty of the eye catching signs featuring a cartoon image of a child with the message "Please slow down' are being put up around the Rosegrove and Lowerhouse area where many drivers regularly break the 20mph speed limit.

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Coun. Gail Barton said: "These roads are supposed to be the quieter areas yet the speeding situation is horrendous and this seems to be a problem across Burnley.

Pictured with the 'slow down' sign are (left to right) Coun. Lorraine Mehanna, Kathryn Sattar and Sophie Stanworth, volunteers from Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch and Coun. Gail Barton.

"Respect on the road seems to have disappeared in the past couple of years but we want these drivers who are breaking the speed limit to realise the dangers they are causing to other road users including the elderly, children, the disabled and those who struggle to get across the road quickly."

The 'Safer Streets' project is the brainchild of Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch which raised £3,876 for the scheme.

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Working with the neighbourhood PCSO Alex Catterall, Supanet 4G gave permission for the signs to be attached to their posts in Gannow Lane and Rosegrove Lane. J and L Security Systems helped with the installation.

Michael Bailey, of the Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch, said: "Hopefully the signs will make a difference and strike a note with drivers who may be going over the 20mph limit.

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The newly erected Please Slow Down signs on Gannow Lane in Burnley which were paid for by the Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch Team.

Earlier this year the neighbourhood watch raised money to pay for mirror to be installed at an accident ‘blackspot’ junction. The roadside traffic mirror was installed at the junction of Allendale Street and Gannow Lane where at least 15 accidents have happened in the first six months of the year.

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The Watch paid for the mirror and Barnes JB Ltd agreed for it to be installed on the side of its premises.

Ward councillor Lorraine Mehanna said the speeding issue had become a real problem and seemed to increase in the evening.

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In a bid to increase road safety Lancashire Police has launched a community road watch scheme which involves officers working with volunteers at sites where road safety is an issue. Problems tackled include speeding, use of mobile phones and motorists not wearing seatbelts.

Cars speeding down Gannow Lane in Burnley where the speed limit is 20 mph.