Burnley practice nurse urges people to ignore 'misinformation' and have the Covid-19 vaccine

A Burnley practice nurse is encouraging patients to have the Covid-19 vaccination when it is offered to them.

Amanda Bellas – who has been given the vaccine as part of the roll-out to immunise those at highest risk of coronavirus – says that, along with helping to keep individuals, their families and their communities safe from the disease, the vaccine will also help us all return to a normal way of life.

The vaccine is being given out by GP practice staff and Amanda has criticised misinformation about the jab which some people may have read on social media.

Amanda, who has been a nurse for 45 years and immunises children and adults against a range of diseases on behalf of SSP Health’s Colne Road Surgery, in Burnley, said: "The misinformation, which some people have been subject to about the vaccine, is misleading and dangerous.

Burnley practice nurse Amanda Bellas, who has 45 years experience working for the NHS,is encouraging people to have the Covid-19 vaccination.

"We should all be confident to have this vaccine in the same way as our vulnerable patients have the flu jab each year. The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and takes only a few seconds to administer.

"Everyone who is offered it should have it – it will protect people at risk from this awful disease.

“Immunisations are the best way to keep you and your family healthy and have proved effective in fighting dangerous diseases for generations.

“I was only too happy to have the Covid-19 vaccine and it was quick and simple, doesn’t hurt and for the vast majority of people there are no side effects whatsoever.


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“It is wonderful that a vaccine against coronavirus has been developed, tested and approved so quickly. Rolling it out across the population will mean that we can all return to our previous way of life quicker and stop Covid-19 in its tracks.

“After 45 years of continuous service in the NHS, I feel privileged to be able to take part in this campaign to roll out the coronavirus vaccine to all our patients.”

People are being advised to wait for their GP practice to contact them about an appointment for the vaccine, which is being given out to people with the greatest clinical need first.