Burnley headteacher vows no 'rash decisions' will be made about re-opening of his school

The headteacher at Burnley's largest high school has today reassured parents that 'no rash decisions' will be made about its re-opening.

Mr Richard Varey, who is head of Blessed Trinity RC College, said the school would be 'continually mindful of staff and pupil wellbeing and health;' in light of the Prime Minister's announcement that, as part of the easing of the lockdown restrictions, some year 10 students, year six and reception class children, would be returning to their classrooms.

Mr Varey said: " I know the recent announcements about schools reopening will be causing some concern, not least because of a lack of clarity and detail.

"Over the next week, various discussions will be taking place in school, with Lancashire Authority, between Lancashire and Burnley secondary heads and Diocesan headteachers, to put together a sensible, safe and workable plan for providing more support for Year 10 and possibly increasing the number of vulnerable children who attend our school."

Mr Richard Varey, who is head of Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley, has given a reassurance to parents that no 'rash decisions' will be made about the re-opening of his school.


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Mr Varey added that as soon as there was a plan in place he would let parents know.