Burnley councillor slams fly-tippers 'parasites' after rubbish dumped in street

A Burnley councillor has hit out at fly-tippers, calling them "parasites", after a resident discovered a huge amount of dumped rubbish.

The rubbish, which included household and garden waste, was found dumped on Clifton Street, near to Burnley town centre, this week.

The incident prompted an angry response from Coun. Neil Mottershead, of the Burnley and Padiham Indpendent Party, who described the perpetrators as thoughtless.

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Burnley, as with other areas, has seen an increase in fly-tipping during lockdown, during which time the county's waste recycling centres were closed for safety reasons. However, all the centres have now reopened.

The rubbish dumped in Clifton Street

Coun. Mottershead said: "This is not the first-time fly-tipping has taken place in the area. Unfortunately, they thought it would be a good idea to make their rubbish someone else’s issue.

"These people are thoughtless and only think about themselves instead of the wider community. I will work with residents and council officers to investigate who dumped the rubbish. To be honest I find it absolutely disgusting.

"To dump your rubbish anywhere but a tip is wrong. Anyone who fly tips is acting illegally and the council has robust procedures to deter this selfish and dishonest activity."

A nearby resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "I've never seen anything like it. I was completely shocked when I saw this on Clifton Street, there is such a huge amount of rubbish."