Burnley Council sets out plans to tackle homelessness

Councillors are set to approve plans to tackle homelessness in Burnley over the next five years.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 2:59 pm

A report to the council’s scrutiny committee recommends it approves the homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2021-26 when the committee meets next week.

The committee is also being asked to approve the allocation of funds to help tackle the issues.

The strategy was drafted following a six-week consultation.

Burnley councillors are being asked to approve the borough's homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2021-26. Photo: Getty
Burnley councillors are being asked to approve the borough's homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2021-26. Photo: Getty

If agreed by scrutiny, both recommendations will go to the Executive for final approval.

The strategy concentrates on five priority areas of work:

Universal prevention – to ensure people know about the local housing options and where to go for help

Targeted prevention – reaching vulnerable people who are at risk of becoming homeless at the earliest opportunity

Preventing and relieving homelessness at crisis point – helping people to keep a home or find a new one

Recovery – helping people to be able to manage a home

Housing options – giving people choices, with support if needed

Coun. John Harbour, executive member for housing, said: ““Sleeping rough on the streets is an issue that effects communities across the country. Our borough is no different and there are vulnerable people on our streets that need help and support.

“That help and support is available and a lot of work to help tackle this urgent social issue is going on but there is always more than can be done. This strategy will help concentrate our efforts in areas where they are most needed.”

“These plans will help ensure that our borough has a comprehensive strategy to help tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.

Burnley Council is committed to working with partner agencies to provide the essential help, advice and support for those people that need it most.”

Councillors will also be asked to agree the allocation of the borough’s homelessness prevention grant over the coming year.

The Government has allocated £200,642 to the borough and this money will be used in a range of ways to help tackle homelessness, including helping fund the Bed Every Night temporary accommodation project and support for victims of domestic abuse to allow them to stay in their own homes safely.

Anyone who is homeless and feels they are at risk of becoming homeless, or who needs general housing advice, should contact the council’s housing team on 01282 425011, or call in at Burnley Town Hall.