Burnley brothers caught on CCTV stealing TVs from Asda

A pair of thieving brothers walked out of Asda unnoticed, each carrying a television, a court was told.

The two brothers were made to pay 274.50 compensation each and were fined 10.
The two brothers were made to pay 274.50 compensation each and were fined 10.

Peter Hodgson-Smith (34) had a 40-inch screen in his arms whilst his younger sibling, David Hodgson-Smith (33) was helping himself to a 32-inch set. Burnley magistrates heard how the duo were caught after CCTV was viewed. They were arrested and told police they had been short of money.

Peter had also been out stealing two months before when he had stuffed some razor blades down his trousers at Boots in the town. They were recovered and prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann said: "Presumably they were sold."

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Mrs Mann said the televisions were not recovered. She told the hearing: "When interviewed, they said they had sold them on."

Peter was in breach of a six-month conditional discharge and on an alcohol programme, whilst his brother was subject to rehabilitation. Both have records for theft.

Mr Mark Williams, defending the brothers, said they walked in Asda and picked up a television each. Peter accepted he took the larger, more expensive screen. The solicitor continued: "Nobody saw it at the time. They walked out without anybody seeing it. CCTV was viewed."

Mr Williams said Peter's benefits had been sanctioned and David told police the family had difficulties. The solicitor said: "They all have their individual issues with alcohol, including, sadly, mum."

The brothers, both of Jockey Street in Burnley, each admitted theft of Sharp televisions worth £549 on July 6. Peter also pleaded guilty to theft of a shaver and razor blades to the value of £66.58 on May 4.

Each was given a six-month community order, with a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement. They must pay £274.50 compensation each and were fined £10.

The Bench chairwoman told David: "There was a chance you would have gone into custody today."