Brierfield man forced to pay £150 after attacking cousin's door in "crazy" act

A man who attacked his cousin's front door and was said to have caused £750 damage won't have to pay the full amount in compensation.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 1:51 pm
Burnley Magistrates Court

Shahzad Rizwan Choudrey (44) had kicked Mohammed Amanullah's Nelson property, shouting: "Open the door, open the door." The victim didn't and described the defendant as behaving 'in a crazy manner'. The PVC door ended up with cracks in it, Burnley magistrates heard.

Choudrey, of Robinson Lane in Brierfield, had earlier been convicted of criminal damage on February 26th and had been ordered to hand over to pay £150 compensation. He has already paid it.

On Tuesday, the prosecution asked the court to reconsider the compensation amount awarded to the victim. It was opposed by Choudrey, who told the hearing he earns £800 a month.

Choudrey told the Bench the door had already been damaged. He said: "The door wasn't fitted right. Before this incident happened, those cracks were already there. The door was round about 15 years old."

The magistrates did not increase the amount of compensation the defendant should pay. The chairwoman told him: "We feel that [the amount awarded] is a fair amount if it was in relation to your income. You have paid it. I think we should now consider the matter closed."