Brierfield family business set for national TV bout on Salvage Hunters

A well-known and storied local business is gearing up to feature on national television after welcoming the Salvage Hunters cameras into their Brierfield branch.

J.H. Blakey & Sons (Security) Ltd's Brierfield showroom.
J.H. Blakey & Sons (Security) Ltd's Brierfield showroom.

Visited by Drew Pritchard and his team from the programme around five weeks ago, the family business J.H. Blakey & Sons (Security) Ltd of Brierfield and Clitheroe was established in 1905 and has gone on to forge a steadfast reputation for its specialist locksmiths services and its safes, locks, keys, access control, intruder alarms, and electro-mechanical systems.

Having traded in antiques in its early days, the business still provides restoration services today, prompting the visit from Salvage Hunters, who reveal another aspect of the business - the remains of hundreds of house clearances from throughout the 20th century.

"Our business is 114 years old, and we're still going through stuff my dad and granddad collected," said Norman Blakey, grandson of founders James Henry and Mary Blakey. "[Salvage Hunters] were very interested that as well as other architectural and antique fittings."

The business now has stores on Burnley Road in Brierfield and Bawdlands in Clitheroe. The episode of Salvage Hunters will be broadcast on Quest on Wednesday, 23rd May at 9pm and will reveal the items which Drew Pritchard purchased.