Big-hearted Clitheroe pupils donate 3,500 'meals' to local foodbank

Ribblesdale High School pupils have once again demonstrated their generosity by supporting a local charity, The Ribble Valley Foodbank
Pupils proud to have collected all the foodPupils proud to have collected all the food
Pupils proud to have collected all the food

They worked for weeks to collect a mountain of tins, biscuits, jars and much more to feed the poor and hungry.

Ribbledale teacher, Miss Hewson, explains how this was achieved. She commented: "As part of the Entry Level English qualification, pupils needed to deliver a presentation to apply for a position to work in a local foodbank, followed by an interview about why they would be the best candidate for the position. To make this ‘real’ for the pupils, we decided, as a class, to run our own in-house foodbank here at Ribblesdale. To begin, they presented as to which role they would like to fulfil and why. These ranged from the Managing Director, Assistant Managing Director, Resources Acquisition Manager, Resources Administrator, Marketing Manager and Logistic Manager. Once pupils had decided on their roles, they organised meetings with staff; wrote letters for parents and local businesses; created promotional leaflets; visited local stores and collected and transported tins from across the school, as well as their final destination - the Ribble Valley Foodbank. After weeks and weeks of hard work and dedication, they managed to raise nearly 4,000 donations for all of the local people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families this Christmas.” All of the pupils involved said this experience ‘makes them feel good because they know they would help other people and made them happy’. Jane, the Ribble Valley Foodbank Manager, expressed her heartfelt thanks to the pupils and confirmed that the food mountain weighed 1,449kg, which equates to over 3,500 meals - an amazing achievement. Well done everyone!"

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