Bank of Dave star Dave Fishwick keen to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to discuss community bank idea for country

Burnley banker, minibus salesman and Netflix sensation Dave Fishwick could be welcoming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to Burnley as support for his ‘community bank’ grows at Westminster.

Nelson-born Dave, the subject of recent hit Netflix movie ‘Bank of Dave’, first made his name taking on the big banks and money-lenders in a number of television documentaries, some of which centred on his bank with a difference, Burnley Savings and Loans, in Keirby Walk.

Now, thanks to the success of the movie which charted how Dave set up the bank despite establishment opposition, the model of a small community-interest bank is one that should be adopted in every town across the country, according to Conservative MP Jo Gideon.

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Delighted Dave spoke to the MP via email and told the Burnley Express he would be happy to welcome her and the Prime Minister to Burnley to discuss how similar banks could be set up across the country.

Dave Fishwick and staff outside Burnley Savings and Loans bankDave Fishwick and staff outside Burnley Savings and Loans bank
Dave Fishwick and staff outside Burnley Savings and Loans bank

The Stoke-on-Trent Central MP is a big fan of the concept and told the House of Commons she had been campaigning for something similar in her constituency.

She was speaking shortly before the House gave its backing to a Private Members’ Bill designed to provide greater protections for mutual company assets.

Dave said: “I was delighted when Jo got in touch and said she wanted to see the idea spread. She had promised to arrange a meeting with the PM. I’d love to invite Jo and the PM to Burnley. We could meet at the bank and have a brew or maybe a toastie in Continentals further down the street.

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"I think there is an ever-growing need for small high street banks like mine at the moment, especially as we’re seeing so many traditional banks closing their branches. My mum is in her 70s and she doesn’t want to do things online, she wants to meet someone face-to-face to discuss any issues.

"I’m sure traders and lots of other people feel the same too. Banks are an important social hub. It’s a huge honour that more people are starting to talk about the concept now.”