Ask Burnley: If you could bring back one Burnley pub, bar or club, which one would it be and why?

Did you ever dance around your handbag in The Mix? Spend the night wandering aimlessly around Lava and Ignite? Tuck into a chicken in a basket in Cat's Whiskers.

By John Deehan
Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 12:49 pm
Walkabout in Hammerton Street was a firm favourite with punters
Walkabout in Hammerton Street was a firm favourite with punters

Burnley has been home to plenty of iconic hotspots over the years. And maybe a few not so iconic.

We asked the public which pub, bar or club they would love to see make a comeback.

Here are a few of the responses from Facebook...

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Adam Mathews

Posh Or ignite just miss them.. no other places in town compare now!

Millie Emery

I don’t even know what’s open anymore.. but favourites were Bootleggers, smacks, Posh (if your fake id was good enough!), Genesis or lava/ignite. Ooh and paradise island for shots!!

Bring back the days when you’d go out at 6pm and go to 10 different places!! Now no one is out til 10/11 and it’s 2 places at best

Rolf Halstead

From a Burnley man now down south. (Sorry). Cats whiskers, only club I went to in my home town, my favourite was peppermint place and the Palace in Blackpool but in Burnley, the cats whiskers holds treasured memories, my 18th booked via a letter, (no e mail or smart phones back then sadly) 30 or so free guests, with free bubbly and balloons...what could go wrong...all invites sent, turned up not allowed in, no tie.... met a bloke at the bus station paid approx 5 quid fior his work tie, then was allowed in for my own 18th, them were the days with dress code etc. (circa 1986 /87.. was a fab club.

Lisette Holdsworth

Brunshaw. Great community atmosphere. Mixes of ages who all got on! No trouble or else Maureen Scaife and the great Peter would sort you out !!! Great memories great days

Stephanie Woodford

Without a doubt Rewind! It was my favourite place for a night out and was always so popular!

Donna Williams

Sidewalk/Club53 had the best nights out in them places

Danny Bolt

Graffiti club for Hellbound

Edward Lee

How has no one mentioned the Sparrow Hawk? When the town was full of fizzy keg beer, the Sparrow always had proper beer!

Alison Leigh

Swiss corner.. the best music

Kaytee Taylor

Lava and ignite, it was amazing in there! Loads of room! Several bars Little platforms to dance on! Huge smoking area! Some Great memories in there

Katie MacMahon

Walkabout, rewind, the mix, inside out, bar rojos, pharaohs and posh!

David Isherwood

The Talbot pub brilliant pub will miss the bands at the week end,s & the Cat Whiskers lots of memories down there great nights

Yvonne T Bamber

I loved the Carlton, Sidewalk, Savannah’s, Angels, Bojangles, Smack water jacks, The Hop & Yorke House but as it’s only 1 then it has to be Cats Whiskers!

John Chorley

The Wellington in Burnley' Great pub with great people just like a family Atmosphere and a homely feeling...

Damian Burbridge

Hargrove arms Padiham later called the Grove.... I'd bring back the pub and the people if I could

Sar McClem

The Angels ! Loved that place and had the best times

Jean Maxfield

Black bull miners colne road and Lucas on parker lane had some great times in those with my husband and friends

Catherine Bannister

Broadswords....for the music

Bernie Coughlin

Inn On The Wharf. It needed a re-vamp, but it was a lovely pub with lovely people