Pendle teacher banned from schools ‘indefinitely’

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A Pendle teacher who sent an indecent image to a former pupil has been banned from working in schools, sixth form colleges, youth accommodations or children’s homes indefinitely following an investigation.

Mrs Linda Harvey, who was employed at Park High School between August 2002 and February 2013, admitted sending personal and private messages on Facebook to one of her former students.

She also admitted sending text messages to the student, and an indecent image of herself - which the National College for Teaching and Leadership’s professional conduct panel have stated “shows a bare-breasted woman from the neck down”.

It is alleged that it was when Pupil A left the school in July 2012 that Mrs Harvey began inappropriately communicating with Pupil A via Facebook. It was around the November period, when Pupil A left employment and began a college course, that it is alleged Mrs Harvey sent the topless photograph via picture message.

Among other allegations, Mrs Harvey was also said to have requested that Pupil A provide her with his personal mobile number, offered to pick him up from Harrogate and invited him to her home address.

It is said that Mrs Harvey, who had taught Pupil A in Year 10 and who was his SPACE (School of Professional and Continuing Education) teacher in Year 11, has a good previous history.

In her statement she said: “I would like to apologise for any upset and distress caused to the ex-pupil who I let down badly throughout the entire incident.

“Above all it is the impact on him that I am mindful on - as well as the impact on other pupils and the school community as a whole.”

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