Pendle punk duo back on the scene

The Pathetix
The Pathetix
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A pair of Pendle punk pioneers are making noise once again following a three-decade hiatus.

Andrew Nicholson and Philip Husband play The Talbot in Burnley this weekend some 41 years after playing live as The Pathetix for the first time.

Philip Husband and Andrew Nicholson

Philip Husband and Andrew Nicholson

The band released three records between 1977 and 1981 and toured the UK before Andrew, a former pupil at Walton High School and Nelson and Colne College, left for university.

However, the pair remained in touch and five years ago Philip, a former Primet High School pupil, contacted Andrew with some new music he’d written.

“He asked me if I could put some words to it,” said Andrew (57), who now lives in Higham. “It still has the vibrancy of punk but it’s more electronic. It’s groovier; anger that you can dance to.”

The Pathetix have played a number of live shows since reuniting – Colne, Todmorden, Manchester, London – but Andrew said they see The Talbot gig on Saturday as a true homecoming show.

“The Talbot was one of the first places we wanted to play but due to them being so booked up we’ve had to wait. Because we’re not a covers band it can be hard to get gigs.

“However, what we do find when we play is that a) people really like it and b) young people really enjoy it.

“It’s refreshing and it’s as exciting as it was when we were playing in the 70s.”

One of the songs sure to get an airing on Saturday is “Nelson Arms”, the band’s new single with is available from Electron in Burnley as part of a three-track EP.

“Nelson still means a lot to us. It’s a sad lament really about how the town has been left behind; about how it never really recovered from a lack of funding in the 80s.”

The Pathetix play The Talbot on Saturday at 9-30pm. For more info on the band, check out