Peace Day staged in Burnley over Gaza conflict

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A Burnley solidarity group held a peace day to show their support for people caught up in the Gaza conflict.

The event took place at the central library and was organised by Daneshouse Football Club.

Gaza protest in Burnley

Gaza protest in Burnley

Crowds of people gathered and organisers along with MEPs, members of the council and faith leaders, spoke about the situation in Gaza.

MEP Sajjad Karim said: “It is very encouraging to see people in unity and it sends out a message of peace.

“It is essential that we send this message to governments around the world and we need to do more to ensure that peace is built.

“We should make sure that innocent people are not being targeted by military action of both the Israeli government and Hamas.”

Misfar Hassan, organiser of the event and County Councillor for Burnley Central East, said: “I have organised this event with the active help of community members and the organising committee.

“My constituents were feeling very upset about the ongoing massacre in Gaza of the defenceless people mostly women and children. To express solidarity with the suffering humanity we organised the event.

“It is a peaceful event to express our displeasure how the British government in particular and the international community in general has responded to this human catastrophe.”

A cup cake stall was set up and loom bands were on sale to raise money for Gaza while a two minute silence was held at the end of the event, in remembrance of people who have died in the conflict.

Tahir Nawaz, member of the solidarity group said: “We are here to speak about the siege in Gaza and members of the council are present to speak our voice and put political pressure on the government.

“We want a unity of different people coming together to speak about the siege.

“A young child has brought his savings to donate today to help the cause.”

Fr Brian Kealey, of Christ the King RC Church, added: “It is wonderful to show that we want peace and can see different cultures working together.

“There is no peace without justice and a just solution to the Gaza crisis is needed.”