Patient Choice Centre opening hours to change

NHS East Lancashire’s Patient Choice Centre for residents, including those across Pendle, Burnley and the Ribble Valley, is changing its opening hours.

Patients will be able to phone the service between 9-15 a.m. and 5-15 p.m.

The decision to change the times is based on feedback from patients about the hours that are most accessible for them.

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Patient Choice is a project led by the Department of Health to give patients more choice and control over when and where they receive their health care.

Since April, 2008, patients needing to be referred to a specialist by their GP have been given the chance to choose to go to any hospital in the country, including many private and independent sector hospitals or to primary care services if appropriate.

In most cases, this has meant patients have been able to choose a hospital for reasons that are most convenient to them - for example, shortest waiting times or the best reputation.

The Patient Choice centre also handles bookings for the Patient Transport Service and can be contacted on 0845 053 9078.