Paedophile driven out of his Padiham home

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A convicted child sex offender has been driven out of his flat in Padiham after protests from residents.

The man, who was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register in 2009, had been living at a Calico flat in Malvern Avenue, Padiham.

But an alleged incident on Friday evening involving the man and his girlfriend sparked anger among residents, prompting a police response. As a result of worries over potential disorder, Lancashire Police confirmed to the Express that the man had been removed from the property and was now no longer living in Lancashire.

Landlords Calico also confirmed the flat was now empty.

But grandmother Mrs Debbie Macro, who lives in Lancaster Drive, around the corner from Malvern Avenue, said residents were still angry.

She said: “We think it’s disgusting that a convicted paedophile was moved into a flat which has a play area directly behind it.

“The flats are also occupied by elderly or vulnerable people. There are a lot of children play around here, including my grandchildren, and we felt it was not safe.

“We are also angry at the lack of communication from the police and Calico towards the residents. A number of us have got together and signed a petition which we will hand over to Calico. If this man has gone we do not want him back.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “This man has been moved from the property and is no longer living in Lancashire. When sex offenders have served their sentence they have to then live in the community.

“They are managed by the police and or probation service and have to adhere to strict conditions.

“For obvious reasons their whereabouts are not widely advertised. However, if they breach their conditions then we reserve the right to put out a media appeal.

“We would ask people to trust the police to manage sex offenders who do live in the community and, while we understand that feelings can run high in situations like this, where people act on rumour or speculation this can potentially have catastrophic consequences. Anyone who does engage in vigilante action and breaks the law will be dealt with.”

A Calico Homes spokesman said: “We have been made aware of an incident over the weekend, to which we responded immediately, and we are working with the police and the residents.”