Padiham woman’s party death a tragic accident

Kelly Moore (left) with her best friend Laura Atkinson (s)
Kelly Moore (left) with her best friend Laura Atkinson (s)

A YOUNG hard-working and fun-loving Padiham woman died after taking a cocktail of drugs including cocaine and a “bomb” of designer drug bubble at a house party.

Kelly Moore (25), of Pendle Street, had been with a group of people at a party in Russell Terrace in February last year. The care worker, who was employed by the NHS, is believed to have swallowed 1g of bubble, which also has the names mephedrone and meow meow, wrapped up in a cigarette rolling paper. She had also taken cocaine and had been drinking alcohol.

People at the party called for an ambulance after Miss Moore was found unconscious but paramedics were unable to revive her.

A two-day inquest at Burnley Town Hall this week heard Miss Moore, who was found in an upstairs bedroom, had earlier been to a party at a house in Stockbridge Road.

When that ended, around 20 people moved on to Russell Terrace where she initially seemed to be OK, but later that morning she was seen to be fitting and other people at the party became concerned.

When an ambulance crew arrived at the house around 11-45am they were greeted by several young men who were shouting at them to hurry up.

Giving evidence to the inquest, emergency medical technician Melanie Peacock said she was told by one partygoer that Miss Moore had taken bubble and was not breathing.

Paramedic Eilean Aindow told the inquest: “I heard someone mention that she had overdosed. I was told she had a ‘bubble bomb,’ described as 1g of bubble wrapped in a Rizla paper and swallowed. They said she had also taken cocaine.”

The inquest heard seven people, who were at the party were initially arrested and a police investigation was launched, although no one has been charged in connection with Miss Moore’s death.

A post-mortem report, prepared by pathologist Dr Abdul Al-Dawoud, gave the cause of death as the combined toxicity of cocaine and bubble.

He said there was no natural cause of death and could only conclude that a combination of the cocaine and chemicals used to make bubble, which included the cathinones flephedrone and methylethcathinone led to her death.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said: “It’s never easy to relive these sorts of tragic events. I think it would be naive of us to believe that the reporting of this inquest could influence people’s habits or behaviour. I think that you, as Kelly’s family and friends, will agree with me that even if those people who are users of drugs or are thinking of using drugs give any thought to the outcome of mixing a cocktail of drugs then maybe what we have heard may not be in vain.

“I’ve heard of Kelly as being a hard-working, funny, life-loving young girl. She enjoyed her weekends and she enjoyed her parties.

“She was somebody who was not un-used to taking drugs, she’s done this many times before but she would, in my estimation, have had no idea that the combination of drugs would have proved fatal.”