Padiham to fight for return of recycling centre

HOPES were raised this week that Padiham’s recycling centre, which was closed amid controversy and protest last September, could re-open.

Lancashire County Council closed the Park Road site as part of a county-wide cost-cutting exercise to save £1m. a year. Padiham was one of 23 sites across Lancashire to come under review and county councillors decided the cost of operating two facilities, one in Burnley and one in Padiham, was significantly and unnecessarily higher than for districts which had just one.

In March, four more recycling plants were closed in the county and the county council has launched a review to find out what people think about the closures.

Speaking at Padiham Town Council, Coun. Vince Pridden said that if there was any chance that the Padiham site could be brought back the town should galvanise to fight for that. He said: “We need to find out exactly what this review is about and what they want from us because if there is any chance at all we could have the Padiham site back we need to do all we can.’”

Padiham Recycling Centre was one of 23 sites across Lancashire to come under review.