Padiham’s Lotto millionaire is to travel the world

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A LUCKY Padiham man who scooped £2.38m. on the National Lottery is set to jet around the globe with his winnings.

Anthony Young (33) struck gold when all six of his lucky dip numbers came up in Saturday’s Lotto draw bagging him a cool £2,388,987.

The jackpot-winning machine worker, who was facing redundancy from his £210-a-week job, revealed he almost did not buy a ticket for the draw.

But the astonishing win made singleton Anthony an instant millionaire and he beamed “I feel over the moon.”

However, the former Ivy Bank High School pupil, who lives in Whitegate Close, admitted he was still in a state of shock.

“I just can’t believe it has happened to me,” he said. “It has not sunk in yet. I play every week – Friday, Saturday, Wednesday – but I never thought that I would win.

“It has turned my life around. It has turned my family’s lives around. My close friends and family are going to be well looked after.”

At a special press conference at Turf Moor, Anthony announced he had already compiled a “to do” list including buying his mum a house, learning to drive and setting up his own plastering business – but first he wants a little time off to get used to his new millionaire status.

“I am going to go travelling for six months to get my head around it,” he said at the champagne soaked cheque presentation.

The Clarets fan, who currently lives in a two-up-two-down with his brother Jason (39) bought the ticket from the Premier Shop in Hargrove Avenue, Padiham, last Saturday night.

“I was at a party at my friend’s house and asked if the shop up the road did the lottery. She said ‘I don’t think so’. I nearly didn’t put it on. I’m glad I did.”

It was not until later that Anthony checked his numbers. At first he thought he had won £10 – but he glanced at the lucky dip bottom line and there were the winning numbers.

“I thought I was seeing things so ran to my local shop to get a print out of the winning numbers and buy a paper to check my numbers again. When they matched, I then had to look on the internet – but by this time I knew I couldn’t be wrong.”

He told family and close friends but everyone thought it was a joke.

“No-one believed me. I told my mum and she didn’t believe me. So me and my brother showed her the dates and number and she said ‘Oh my God you’ve done it!’”

The first thing he did was go to the pub for a drink with his friends – with the lucky ticket in his back pocket.

The fortuitous win came just months before Anthony was due to be laid off from his temporary contract at Futaba Tenneco in Rosegrove.

“At the moment I am a machine worker. But now I’ve given my job to someone else because I don’t need it. I think one of my friends has gone for it.”

Padiham’s newest millionaire revealed that money had always been tight – but was now relishing the prospect of a life of luxury for him and his family.

“We have struggled all our lives. We have all worked hard for basically nothing. As soon as I paid my bills I was skint again.

“I have said to my mum all the way through my life that if I come into money I would buy her a nice place. She is over the moon.”

After travelling the world, Anthony hopes to take his driving test and wants to buy himself a brand new Audi A3. He has already planned to buy a box at his beloved Turf Moor – where just days ago he could not even afford a ticket.

As well as starting his own plastering business, Anthony wants to upgrade to a bigger house near Padiham.

Lisa McNallay (31) manager of the Premier Shop in Hargrove Avenue which sold the winning ticket, said: “This is the first big winner although we had someone who won £70,000. It really is a lucky shop. All day we have had people coming in asking about it.”