Padiham pledge to clean up ‘illegal’ firms

Work gets underway to remove the old window frames from the land on Stocksbridge Road.
Work gets underway to remove the old window frames from the land on Stocksbridge Road.

Firms operating “illegally” in Padiham could be facing a crackdown, leading councillors have warned.

Calls were made for authorities to clamp down on businesses operating without planning permission in the town.

Councillors in Padiham vowed to draw up a list of companies operating outside the law.

County Coun. Johnstone, speaking at a town council meeting, said: “What always disturbs me is the number of people operating illegally.

“It seems to be a particular problem in Padiham. Although I have no evidence the problem is more serious here than anywhere else.

“Nobody wants to stop trade, enterprise or people creating jobs but these people operating beyond the law must know that they have a responsibility to society to make sure the basic rules and conditions we all have to live by are adhered to.”

The call comes after a long-running battle with the operators of a plastic recycling centre in Stockbridge Road which Lancashire County Council officials said failed to gain the permissions to process waste on the site.

The controversial site had caused residents misery but county hall chiefs said the site is now being cleared of piles of uPVC window frames after a retrospective planning application was withdrawn.

Stuart Perigo, head of development management, said the operator had “abandoned” the site, adding: “The landowner, who is not responsible for the waste plastic remaining on the site, is now in the process of clearing it and we will continue to monitor the situation until this process is complete.”

A car recycling firm in nearby Green Lane Mill was granted retrospective planning permission after county hall officials discovered it had been operating without the correct permissions.

County Coun. Marcus Johnstone said: “When they went to Stockbridge Road they discovered the operation in Green Lane was not operating with planning permission.

“They are now operating with permission but the planning committee has put conditions on it. They have to do work in doors rather than in the yard and it should prevent things going into the brook.

“If there any evidence that is not happening let us know and we will enforce the planning conditions which must be adhered to.”

Lancashire County Council confirmed permission was granted subject to conditions controlling working programme, hours of operation, safeguarding watercourses and drainage and site operations.