Padiham play leader Viv becomes an internet hit as her poolside stunt reaches New York

Extrovert Vivien Storey became an internet sensation when she decided to stir things up poolside while on holiday in Corfu.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 4:40 pm
Vivien Storey (front) who managed to get 51 guests into a hotel pool for an aerobics session with her husband Justin(left) and their friends Mark and Isabel Wainwright.

Fun loving Viv managed to rope 51 guests into a pool aerobics session which she filmed live on facebook.

And her sterling efforts raised £130 for Pendleside Hospice as dozens of people tuned in to watch the amazing spectacle and made donations in honour of Viv.

And the video was even shared in New York as the guests who took part in the session were from all over the world including Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Some of the hotel guests who gathered in the pool for Viv's aerobics session.

Viv said: "It was absolutely amazing and finished our holiday on such a high note."

It all began when Viv and her husband, Justin, started their two week break at the Summertime Hotel in the resort of Sidari.

As the only English people in the hotel, along with their friends, Mark and Isabel Wainwright from Huddersfield, Viv found that their zany sense of humour and boisterous games and pranks around the pool was not always appreciated by the other guests.

Viv (49) said: "I tried talking to the other guests but because of the language barrier they didn't really want to know.

"I was determined to bring everyone together so I came up with the idea for the aerobics session and had to think of a way to get the message across to everyone to ask them to join in."

Using the translator on her phone for numerous different languages Viv approached everyone around the pool and the response was overwhelming and positive with everyone agreeing to take part.

And when everyone turned up for the session Viv couldn't believe her eyes!

She said: "Everyone was just there waiting and I had no idea what I was going to do so I just thought on my feet and lead the session.

"It was fantastic and at the end everyone was clapping and cheering."

Now back at her home in Padiham where she works as a play leader at Padiwacks Nursery, Viv, who has a son Dale (31) and grandson, Frankie (four) has thanked everyone for supporting her and making a donation to the hospice.

And far from putting her feet up, Viv is coaching singers in the Padiham Community Choir for their performance at Padiham on Parade this weekend.

She came up with the idea for the choir earlier this year after being touched by the number of lonely and isolated people in her hometown. The choir certainly hit the right note with dozens of people joining and it has already notched up a couple of public performances.