Padiham neighhbours sign ‘community agreement’ contract

Good Neighbour Contract signed
Good Neighbour Contract signed

GOOD neighbours on a close-knit Padiham housing estate have become good friends with a special contract they have signed to help each other.

Residents of different ages from Stonemoor Bottom have recently signed an agreement to help younger and older generations live happily together and ensure the peaceful future of their neighbourhood.

All of the residents who live in a block of flats on the estate came together to develop a community agreement, created by Calico Housing to highlight what they want life to be like in their community.

The resident-led agreement is a written document that has been signed by every customer living in the block, and any new customers will also be asked to sign it.

Kelly Hudson, Calico’s neighbourhood co-ordinator, said: “It’s great to see the residents working together to make sure this agreement is proportionate and fair. We hope it will help to maintain community spirit by outlining common views and opinions held by tenants, reassuring them they are not alone in their worries and concerns.”

Tenants young and older believe the agreement is a positive step forward.

Resident Paul Barras (25) said: “ We all came to an agreement and agreed on the same things – as long as we stick to it, it should be fine.” Another neighbour Stewart Barber (62) said: “It’s a good idea. It was a good way of organising it. It will make people think twice. You know you have signed it, so you should stick to it.”