Padiham Mayor’s 10.000ft skydive for charity

Howard Hudson skydive
Howard Hudson skydive
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Daredevil Mayor Howard Hudson has conquered his fear of heights in dramatic style.

He was preparing to jump from an aeroplane at 10,000 ft but decided to set the stakes higher and climb to 15,000 ft for the hair-raising skydive.

Howard Hudson before his skydive

Howard Hudson before his skydive

Back down to earth and with £700 raised for four different charities Howard, who is Mayor of Padiham, admitted that once he was in the air he felt terrified.

He said: “The first tandem drop took place at 11,000 feet and as the plane climbed higher there was only me left and a group of competition sky divers.

“They jumped out without any messing so I just completely relaxed myself and let my instructor take over.’’

Upgrading to 15,000 feet gave Howard an extra one minute free fall and he described the experience as awesome.

It is hard to describe what it felt like but I could not stop laughing and I would love to do it again

Mayor Howard Hudson

Howard, who has three grandchildren, said: “It is hard to describe what it felt like but I could not stop laughing and I would love to do it again.’’

Howard, who was watched conquering his fear by his proud wife, Patricia, has now announced he would like to try his hand at white water rafting and he is already recruiting team mates.

Money raised from the skydive, which took place at the Black Knights parachute centre in Lancaster, will be divided between the Padiham Community Fund, which benefits several groups and organisations in the town, the Christie Hospital, Manchester, Emmaus homeless project in Burnley and Pendleside Hospice.

There is still time to donate money and you can do this by contacting Howard on 07779148319, Padiham Town Council offices on 01282 682705 or online by logging onto and searching for the page Mayor in the Air.