Padiham grandmother's touching Manchester mural

Carole's mural.
Carole's mural.
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An artistic Padiham grandmother-of-three has been inundated by praise after paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing by painting a mural on a wall of her house.

Carole Atkinson (70) of Victoria Road in Padiham has been painting her wall for 20 years, usually decorating it with pictures to delight the local children, but when she heard of the recent terrorist attack, she thought it was the perfect chance to show her support.

"I usually do about three or four a year - Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and a summer one," said Carole, who is married to Barry. "I hadn't done one in a while, then I thought I'd do [the Manchester bee].

"I've had so much response - it's been unbelievable - I can't believe it," Carole added. "It's touched people's hearts, it's amazing."

With two daughters herself, Carole has been touched by the response she has had to the mural, which features a Manchester bee now-synonymous with the tribute paid to the young victims of the attack.

"People have been saying how lovely it is and how their thoughts are with the victims," Carole said. "While I'll have to paint over it soon to do something over summer, I've got a giant stone at the bottom of my drive, and I'm going to paint the bee on that and leave it that in the garden."

Having worked as a dinner lady for 34 years, Carole now works for Lancashire County Council as a passenger assistant taking two disabled children to school, and has a history of painting for good causes.

"I've done one for the fire station in Padiham when they were losing staff - I painted a fire engine putting a fire out," Carole explained. "I've done one for poppy day and red nose day too."