PADIHAM: Crime-fighting boost with new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

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CRIME-BUSTING Padiham residents have joined forces to form a new Neighbourhood Watch group.

Thirty people living in the Printers Fold, High Close and Low Bank areas of Padiham have set up the project, which will promote crime prevention, reduce fear of crime and improve local links with the police.

Neighbourhood Watch signs have been put up in the area and information packs, stickers and property marking kits have been handed out to those involved. The scheme has become the largest voluntary community safety organisations across the UK with an estimated 10 million members covering 3.8 million households.

PCSO Charlotte Broadhurst said: “There have been a small number of vehicle crimes in recent months that caused concern to residents.

“A number of these types of crime are avoidable if crime prevention measures are taken.

“This scheme aims to promote prevention activity and knowledge.”

Police have issued the following advice to help people avoid becoming a victim of vehicle crime;

Ensure no property is left on display in your car;

Wipe away sucker marks from your sat-nav. system;

Lock the car ensuring your key fob has worked; and

Report any suspicious activity to the police immediately.

Anyone who would like to join the scheme in the Printers Fold area, can contact the scheme co-ordinator Mr Victor Jull on 01282 777325.

For further advice on Neighbourhood Watch and details on setting up your own scheme, contact the crime prevention department on 01282 413536.