Padiham Army woman (21) ready for Afghan mission

L/Cpl Lucy Robinson, who is set to embark on her first tour of Afghanistan. (s)
L/Cpl Lucy Robinson, who is set to embark on her first tour of Afghanistan. (s)

A BRAVE military police officer from Padiham is preparing for her first tour of Afghanistan.

Twenty-one-year-old Lucy Robinson will soon fly out to the war-torn country and will be based there for six months.

The former St John the Baptist RC Primary School pupil, who joined the Royal Military Police in 2008 and is based in Hohne, Germany, said she was looking forward to the experience.

“I can’t wait to get over there,” said L/Cpl Robinson, who lives with her parents in Coniston Avenue, Padiham, when she returns home.

“We have not been told what we’ll be doing yet when we are there. We’ve been training to go to Afghanistan for a year now though so when we arrive we’ll be ready for anything.

“We’ve been going over a number of exercises and also learning about the culture of the country as well.

“Going to Afghanistan is part of the job and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

L/Cpl Robinson underwent 14 weeks of basic training upon joining the Army before moving onto a six-moth training programme focused on the policing aspect.

In July 2009 she was posted to Germany and admits she is loving life over there.“I love it here. The social life is really good and because everyone is from all over the UK I’ve met a lot of different people.

“The role itself involves going out on patrol and dealing with investigations. It’s very interesting. It’s also very intelligence based as well which means I am required to take a number of exams as well as do the physical training.”

Her placement in Germany is due to last three years, after which she may be posted somewhere else within the country or somewhere different like Cyprus or the UK.

“I’d like to come and work in the UK. The base I am at in Germany is one of the busiest so I’m learning lots there and it would be nice to bring that over to the UK.

“I want to stay in the military police and carry on working my way up. The next rank is Corporal which I’m hoping to get to after I have served for two years.

“I hope I am an inspiration to the area and hope it inspires other people to do something similar.”

Her proud mum, Mrs Karen Robinson, said: “Obviously it’s a worry for parents seeing their daughter go to Afghanistan. We’re just going to keep thinking positive thoughts.

“It’s what she wants to do though and we’re all very proud of her.”