Over 100 cars destroyed in fire

Over 100 scrapyard vehicles have been destroyed in a massive blaze at an Altham scrapyard despite firefighters successfully managing by fire yesterday evening.

The blaze took place at a scrapyard in Altham.
The blaze took place at a scrapyard in Altham.

A grand total of 120 vehicles were destroyed in the incident, which was attended by crews from eight fire stations across Lancashire after they were called out to quell the blaze on the Moorfield Industrial Estate on April 9th.

Alerted to the incident early in the afternoon, authorities at the scene warned that the fire could rage into the evening as they deployed a High Volume Pump, using water from the Leeds/Liverpool canal to fight the fire.

Ensuring that run-off water did not pollute water courses, firefighters quickly brought the situation under control, putting the fire out at 7:30pm - some three hours after it started.

“Firefighters remained at the incident to seek out and extinguish any remaining pockets of fire,” read a statement from Lancashire Fire & Rescue.

"[It] required a firefighting response of eight fire engines and crews, plus support appliances and crews," it continued. “There are no reports of casualties.”