Too much Press coverage of new Prince George

Prince George
Prince George
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Without wishing to run the risk of being sent in chains to the Tower, Mr Pendle would like to ask a simple question.

Does any other reader think the coverage of the birth of Prince George recently was just a teeny-weeny bit over the top?

Let’s take the national newspaper which is delivered to Mr Pendle’s office as an example.

On the day after the birth, there was a wraparound the normal front page consisting of a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

There was a 16-page pullout supplement recalling Royal births from the past and a family tree showing William and Catherine’s lineage.

There were fully 11 pages of “news” about all kinds of things connected to the birth.

There was even an opinion piece from a senior woman journalist offering Catherine her advice on bringing up the baby.

And there was a whole page leader article.

The next day, there was a further wraparound and seven more pages.

And there was yet more the day after that.

It really was just a little bit too much.

Don’t get Mr Pendle wrong.

In no way could he be described as being anti-Royalist.

But he has to say the birth of Prince George, who is not likely to come to the throne for many years after Mr Pendle’s demise, left him very much unmoved.