Paying for side orders really gets me annoyed

I don't want to have to pay extra for vegetables
I don't want to have to pay extra for vegetables
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I was going to rant on this week about the mindless (perhaps that is too kind a word) idiots who pelted our fire crews with fireworks and rubbish, but my colleague Edward Lee beat me to it.

Instead, I shall vent my spleen about a topic close to my heart - food. One of my bugbears is how more and more restaurants and pubs are now going down the route of charging extra for ‘side orders’ or vegetables to you and me.

I am fortunate to eat out fairly often and nothing gets me more riled than glancing down a menu, selecting my choice, only to notice that I have to pay another amount for ‘a selction of vegetables’ and then another charge for a ‘choice of potatoes’.

To me, it is the same principle as going into a shop to buy a new television and being charged extra if you want the remote control or the box to take it home in.

• On a happier note it was good to hear of Clarets midfielder Jack Cork’s England call-up this week. He became the 27th Burnley player to represent the Three Lions.

Not bad for what some people still call a small town club. Good luck Jack.