No horsing around post-war

ROGER THE MAGNIFICENT: Whitsuntide procession, 1955. (S)
ROGER THE MAGNIFICENT: Whitsuntide procession, 1955. (S)
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This week’s picture is Fred Whitaker’s superb street scene of the Colne Whitsuntide 1955 procession on Norfolk Street.

Captured here, on James Thornton’s coal cart, we can see happy Sunday school children being pulled along by the magnificent shire horse “Roger”, who stood 18 hands high.

Steering “Roger”, seated on the cart, is genial Harry Carradice, who proudly delivered coal with the trusty “Roger” for almost three decades.

Growing up in Colne in the 1940s and ’50s, horses could be seen every day.

First down our street would arrive our milkman, with “Prince” pulling the milk cart, and one of my happiest memories of those post-war years is riding in the cart with our milkman, John Waite, and “Prince” clip-clopping along the setts all the way to Lord Street School.

Also down our street we’d see the rag and bone man “Long Joe” Knowles with “Flash”, the fruit and vegetables man Bob Briggs with “Major” and not forgetting Harry and “Roger”.

Today a horse and cart is a rare sight indeed on our streets and most of our farms have now replaced the heavy horse with the now ubiquitous tractor.

The age of the horse is no more.

Bouquet of the month

A thank you to Boundary Mill CEO Richard Bannister. No longer on your television ads do we hear of our town of “Cone!”