My job has never been 9 to 5 but being back in the office is good for the soul/ Sue Plunkett column

The world really did change for us all in March, 2020.

Reporter Sue Plunkett is glad to be back working from the office
Reporter Sue Plunkett is glad to be back working from the office

As part of a busy news reporting team my working day was spent in an office with at least 10 colleagues.

But when covid hit and the world seemed to stop turning on its axis we, along with thousands of other workers in the UK, were told to work from home.

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I feel fortunate to have a job where I can more or less work from anywhere, so it was just a change of location.

Never did I imagine we would still be working from home over 18 months later and never did I believe how much I would miss my colleagues.

The daily chat and banter was such an integral part of everyday working life, so the silence of working from home took some getting used to. Because I would list chatting as one of my favourite hobbies!

We kept in touch with regular Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails but nothing beats seeing someone in person and having a face to face chat.

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So, when it was announced we could return to the office I was elated. Granted, we now have a much smaller space as not everyone wanted to return to the office.

But for me the 'comeback' came at the right time. Meeting up with colleagues I haven't seen for so long was such a tonic and to be back in a working environment, even if it's only for a couple of days a week, lifted my spirits.

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And, as our office is situated within large block housing others businesses, it has been lovely to reunite with staff from those places who I had to got know before lockdown began.

While I love the convenience of working from home being 'back out' in the real world is good for the soul.