My faith in the power of karma was restored the day I witnessed a kind young woman do 'the right thing' /Sue Plunkett column

I witnessed a good deed last weekend that made me want to really believe in karma.
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You know what I mean, where people always say "oh, they will get what's coming to them.' Be it good or bad.

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We had just arrived in Blackpool for the weekend to see the fabulous air show when a chap walking towards us was accosted by a young woman.

Reporter Sue Plunkett talks about how witnessing a good deed lifted her spiritsReporter Sue Plunkett talks about how witnessing a good deed lifted her spirits
Reporter Sue Plunkett talks about how witnessing a good deed lifted her spirits
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He appeared to have dropped a £10 note from his back pocket without realising and the woman swiftly picked it up and waved it around saying ‘excuse me, you dropped this.'

The man turned round, smiled and, now, this next bit really made me smile, he was full of thanks and told her to keep the money.

He was quite persistent, but she wouldn't hear of it.

I couldn't resist going up to her and telling her to buy a lottery ticket that night as she surely deserved a win. But so did the man who tried to give her his money.

He was probably feeling generous spirited due to the fact he did appear slightly merry. But it didn't matter because his first instinct was to thank the kind girl for being so honest.

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It really made my day to see such a great interaction between two people when there appears to be so much sadness, hardship and hate in the world.

It's simple little acts like this that really restore your faith in human nature and to know that some people instinctively do the ‘right thing.'

As a matter of fact it brought a tear to my eye because at the moment I am experiencing being on the receiving end of someone who is absolutely not doing the right thing by me! That's a story for another time.

But it also made me reflect on all the good deeds that people have done for me in my lifetime. There are many.

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Just last year a complete stranger came to my aid when we lost my son on the beach in Wales.

Admittedly I panicked a bit hastily because he was 14, but he had vanished into thin air. The good Samaritan dropped everything and conducted her own search and actually found the little monkey who was blissfully unaware of the panic he had caused. I will be forever grateful for her kindness.

Years ago a lifelong friend of mine did an amazingly great deed when my father died. She read my thoughts and not only volunteered to look after my three month old baby on the day of the funeral, she collected her and dropped her off at my home.

And one good deed I will never forget is when my ex husband purchased his first car (a battered second hand Mini Metro) which promptly broke down as we made our way from Liverpool to Burnley. Complete novices, we stood at the side of the road scratching our heads when a car pulled up in front and the driver sprang out and said: "Is all ok?'

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The problem was had run out of petrol. That good Samaritan not only drove to a nearby garage to get fuel for us, he refused to accept payment!

He had driven off with his wife and family waving at us from their car before we had chance to thank him properly or even get his name.

I have many good friends in my life who have done not just good but amazing deeds, from lending me cash when I was at rock bottom to turning up on my doorstep with a bagful of shopping.

My mum was the champion of good deeders! She would pick little old ladies up at bus stops and always be the first to step forward to help a complete stranger.

"If you have the ability to help someone, then do it," she always told me.

It's a good motto to live by and I am certain that what goes around comes around... at least I hope so.