Wind turbines are no monstrocities

I was sad and very disappointed to see Joe Cooney (Leader of Pendle Council) has tweeted that wind turbines are “absolute pointless monstrosities”.
Wind TurbineWind Turbine
Wind Turbine

Now I like Joe, and class him as a friend, but surely a man in his position should keep an open mind on most things.

After all, he does belong to a party who went into the last election with their leader, David Cameron, claiming “vote blue and turn green”. It is disappointing Joe seems to have jumped on the anti-turbine wagon who make every type of criticism to damn these windmills.

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I would ask Joe to seek out a copy of the 2014 summer edition of the RSPB magazine which includes an article on how wind turbines might affect our bird life.

One of the numerous objections to turbines is that, among many other things, they kill birds. This is clearly untrue and the RSPB actually only objects to 5% of planning applications to build turbines.

In the RSPB article it asks the question: “Are wind farms an effective source of electricity?” The answer is “Absolutely.”

They go on to say that, on windy days, turbines already generate more than 10% of the UK’s electricity.

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In Scotland over 20% of all electricity generation is from wind. This is increasing all the time and is directly replacing fossil fuels.

So, Joe, wind turbines are good for climate, good for wildlife and good for people. The technology is well proven and relatively cheap, especially after installation when fuel costs are zero.

Joe, have another think about your opinion of wind turbines. They are certainly not pointless, unless you don’t allow any to be built here in Pendle.

As for being monstrosities, that is a personal view. I have never seen turbines as ugly but I accept some people do.

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However, wind turbines are not, as your other (climate change sceptic) correspondent writes, a “total waste of time”. Obviously that view point is just “fracking mad”. The evidence proves wind turbines are a minor but growing provider of our energy requirements. Just accept them. We can always take them down when we find something better.

Do you have something better in mind, Joe?

Gerard McCabe