Whalley hyrdo scheme not for ‘great unwashed’

I see the directors of the Community Enterprise Whalleyhydro have persisted in keeping their entry level contribution for local people at the ridiculously high level of £250.

Cash notes 20s
Cash notes 20s

Such a large sum discourages many people from participating in this slightly risky enterprise (eg. those on fixed incomes, young families students etc.), yet it is an enterprise which promises to pump large sums of money into our locality.

The much less elitist £10 minimum share purchase would enable a much wider range of people to contribute their efforts and expertise towards making this scheme really effective for everyone in Whalley and in the surrounding area.

No doubt, the directors will say it is too difficult to administer the large numbers of local people that would want to be involved, even though modern software is fast, cheap and efficient at doing just that.

But more to the point, perhaps it is that they do not require (for want of better words) the “common man” or the “great unwashed” to be involved in a superb cash generating Community Scheme!


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W.A. Kembery,

Knowsley Road, Ramsgreave