We’re right to chase debts over years

Re the letter “18 years late” regarding recovering council tax debts.

Sunday, 29th March 2015, 6:27 pm

The vast majority of people pay their council tax. They, quite rightly, expect Burnley Council to vigorously pursue those that don’t and ensure we recover as much debt as possible. In some cases this means pursuing debts over a number of years.

In these days of austerity and ever-reducing Government funding, it’s even more important we collect as much council tax as possible so we can provide services to everyone.

We make no apology for trying to recover debts – if we simply gave up we’d also be criticised.

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The letter writer suggests long-standing debts are somehow less valid because of the time that has passed. That is incorrect. The debt recovery process begins soon after someone falls behind with payments and if someone feels they are being unfairly pursued they can, and should, contact us straight away; we will be happy to discuss individual cases.

Helen Seechurn

Director of Resources, Burnley Council