Well done on town’s floral displays

Although not a resident of Burnley, I am a very regular, twice weekly visitor of the town who visits a “very special friend” and I feel I must congratulate the parks department for the wonderful floral displays on show around the town, in particular, the stunning display along the safety barrier running alongside the bus station.
ribes flower.JPGribes flower.JPG
ribes flower.JPG

Also, my friend wishes to express her thanks to Coun. Sumner for his contribution in arranging for the wild flower section which has been planted in the Burnley Wood area. This looks a pretty picture.

I often wish all residents would appreciate the hard work and effort that has been done to provide and maintain this profusion of flowers and not let the town down. A very small minority are intent on dropping litter and defacing buildings wherever they go.

Congratulations from a very happy visitor. Please keep up the good work.

Nature is wonderful and is there to be appreciated by all.

Mr Ralph Lister


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