‘Weasel words’ from the Labour Party

What has the Labour Party got against the people of Burnley?
Labour leader Ed Miliband. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA WireLabour leader Ed Miliband. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Labour leader Ed Miliband. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

In opposing a new “free school” at county and borough level, they have fought tooth and nail against giving the parents of Burnley a greater choice in schooling, in a desperate attempt to justify their failed Building Schools for the Future project. Already 8% of the borough’s secondary school pupils are educated outside Burnley, as parents make their own judgements.

The Labour-controlled county and borough councils, together with the police commissioner, have levied a 2% rise in council tax, the joint highest in England. If the increase had been 2.1%, a referendum would need to be held, to approve it. Typically, they have worked out how much they can screw out of the council tax and then on to which of their pet projects they can spend it.

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Roughly 9-12% of each of our energy bills comprise of “green taxes,” imposed by Ed Milliband, when he was Energy Secretary under Gordon Brown’s failed administration. Mr Milliband’s concern for those of us suffering a cost of living crisis, are frankly “weasel words.”

C.J. Rawson

Foxcroft, Burnley