We want restaurants, not fast-food outlets

I was interested to read recently about a new multi-million pound development, which will be a massive boost to Burnley.

Another cinema and “restaurants”. What sort of restaurants are we talking about here? In my view, restaurants are top quality places which open late in the evening and serve top quality food, e.g. steakhouses.

I get the impression we are talking the usual takeaway stuff e.g. KFC, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut and all that comes with fast-food outlets and all the rest. A great chance was lost when The Oval development crashed and now we are supposed to be glad to hear the site which The Oval should have had is to be a cinema and restaurants.

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In my view, it is not a major boost. We already have the above-mentioned places. The town needs people to come into Burnley during the day to visit quality stores. Even the market is a shadow of its glory days. We have to get quality stores in and get rid of the image we have. The above development of a cinema and so-called fast food style restaurants isn’t the answer.

M. Hibbert

Ivan Street


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