UK’s roads are the worst for potholes

As a cyclist riding on two narrow tyres without any suspension you get to be sensitive to the condition of road surfaces as nothing escapes the jolt through your body as you hit a blemish on your journey.

Over the past few years I have cycled in several countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, France and South Africa and this gives a unique perspective to compare and contrast road conditions.

I am sorry to say that, without a shadow of doubt, the road conditions here in the UK, and specifically the Ribble Valley, rank at the bottom of this list.

Potholes in many of these countries – many of them much poorer than us – simply don’t exist, and if they do are properly repaired rather than slapping a chunk of the tarmac in the hole and waiting for the first frost or heavy rain shower to disintegrate it.

Also, as a cyclist, I am acutely aware the relationship with motorists can be a fractious one, but when you have to continuously swerve across the road to avoid a crater I can understand why motorists may consider cyclists to be erratic. Come on fix the roads to a basic international standard.

Robert Moyle,

Pendle House, Twiston