Trees are getting out of control

Has anyone noticed the problems of the trees and fences leading from Clitheroe, adjacent to the railway bridge on Pimlico Road?

It’s along the section where there is only a narrow pavement on the Railtrack side, with no pavement on the other side.

As people with young children and/or prams or buggies, people needing to use walking apparatus, and those in motorised scooters for the disabled will already be aware, it can be difficult to negotiate not only due to being narrow, but also due to the pressure of Railtrack’s shrubby trees, which are probably self-sown.

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One has forced an old, carved, stone post to lean over the pavement at a greater angle each year (someone decided that to fix the carved stone post to a fence would stop it moving further!);

Another has caused two planks of the thick, horizontal fence to pop out of one of its vertical posts;

A third has been growing through the base of that strong fence;

There are three more, younger, shrubby trees that look fine, yet they are already distorting the fence.

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Isn’t it time for Railtrack to take its responsibility seriously and remove these trees to prevent worse problems in the future.

After all, growing trees are far stronger than any fence and, unless dealt with, sooner rather than later the inevitable result could cause havoc or, worse still, injury.

Having removed these six trees, they could give The Woodland Trust sufficient money to plant six trees elsewhere, couldn’t they?

Name and address supplied,