‘Too posh’ episode fills me with anger and despair

I have just picked up a copy of the Clitheroe Advertiser (November 7th) and was appalled to read the front page headline – Ribble Valley folk “too posh to have tramps”.

Gavin Whalley arriving at court in Blackburn
Gavin Whalley arriving at court in Blackburn

As an ex-Valley resident who was looking to return I can only say the sense of disgust I feel at the attitude of the local police towards this man is overwhelming.

Whatever happened to the milk of human kindness?

Mr Whalley, as far as I can see, was not being aggressive, did not attempt to intimidate, menace or even demand to be given money, but only asked for some help to survive. While begging is a criminal offence in the eyes of the law (though heaven knows why in this economic climate) surely this police officer could have shown some smattering of humanity?

As for the CRASBO applied for by the police against this local man, I only hope that whoever has the power to make the decision on this matter has the human decency to be more sympathetic to the plight of people less fortunate than themselves.


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Regarding the Clitheroe Advertiser and its crass reporting of this incident, I for one will not be buying any more copies of the paper.

Shame on you! This whole episode fills me with anger and despair.

P. Greenwood,

Great Harwood