Time to object to Free School plan

I write this letter to urge as many people as possible to express their opposition to the proposed free school in Burnley. I fully accept all parents want their children to get the best possible education but this is definitely not the way to go.

1. This proposed Free School will take away resources and funding from existing schools which will adversely affect the educational opportunities for the majority, not just a minority, of young people in our town. It will mean a waste of public cash as we now have excellent schools in Burnley and a surplus of places. Indeed it could put the future of one new school in Burnley and one in Nelson in serious jeopardy

2. Our existing schools already give parental choice in many areas as to the education their children receive. 3. We already have a Christian ethos school in the town and this proposed new school does not have the support of any of the main local churches.

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4. Our schools have worked very hard at working collaboratively across all of our Burnley schools to offer the very highest standard of education, this proposed Free School would be outside of this and therefore not able to offer their students a full range of options and choices.

5. Finally, the proposed Free School is likely to be using a building which would not be fit for purpose.

There is an urgency to write and stop the Government spending money on this new proposed school which is not needed. So write NOW to Mark Sloan, Free Schools Group, Department for Education, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London, SW1PSBT.

Peter Pike

Deerpark Road, Burnley.