Those who stand to profit from homes plan

With reference to various articles published in the Advertiser over recent weeks regarding the outline planning application for “Waddow View” (345 homes to be built on land off Back Commons/Waddington Road), I would like to question whether you feel a balanced view has been given.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2013, 9:26 am

Your news items (or are they simply statements issued by certain mouthpieces within Ribble Valley Borough Council?) consistently refer to the application as being made by “Huntroyde Estates”.

Let us not forget the largest landowner in this joint application is Clitheroe Auction Mart, of which Robert Parker of Brownsholme Hall is the majority (51%) shareholder.

This planning application would not have gone ahead without Robert Parker choosing to put forward this unique space for development, having been alerted to the possible future relaxation in planning when Ribble Valley Borough Council was forced to go through the consultation exercise on possible sites to include in the core strategy.

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From this point we have been consistently “softened up” by those meant to represent us. Local councillors, the town mayor (Coun. Horkin) as well as the developers themselves have consistently failed to communicate with residents directly affected, choosing instead to issue press statements and communicate with other groups not directly representing our interests.

Deciding to not object on traffic issues at a previous meeting was closing the lid; the final nail in the coffin, to withdraw completely from the appeal process delivered at an emergency council meeting at 9am on a Monday where only four councillors were in attendance leaves a foul taste in the mouth.

Is this democracy in action?

We have heard (from hearsay, as no minutes have been published) that three Conservative councillors chose to vote in favour to withdraw from the appeal process, the remaining Liberal Democrat councillor choosing to continue to fight on.

When Coun. Horkin, as quoted in the Clitheroe Advertiser, expresses his dismay at the current turn of events, does he disassociate himself from the actions of his political brothers-in-arms making the decision at that meeting?

Does Nigel Evans MP choose to align himself with David Cameron and his supposed “localism” or the “Land Grab” philosophy of Eric Pickles? I note Coun. Horkin, as a prominent local businessman, could benefit greatly from an ever expanding populous. Robert Parker and other shareholders of Clitheroe Auction Mart will benefit massively.

The only “localism” being employed thus far is that predominantly of Robert Parker. The views of the residents of Clitheroe will not be trodden upon by a few who stand to profit from this flawed proposal.

Bob Buller,

Back Commons, Clitheroe